Earrings and rings with stones

Colored stone earrings

We are specialists in jewelery with stones and we have hundreds of designs of all styles, sizes and colors.

We work earrings with 100% natural stones polished by hand with first class materials and 18k gold plating or 925 sterling silver. All our earrings are very light and comfortable to wear as they have polished stones.

You can find all our designs here:


Rings with stones

Another product highly demanded by our clients are rings with colored stones. The rings are adjustable to avoid sizing problems and the stones are polished and carved to make them very comfortable on the finger.

The stones that we use the most in both rings and earrings are:

  • amethyst: crystalline purple stone. It is a type of crystal quartz and is known as the stone of protection.
  • Chalcedonies: this stone is one of the most used since they are dyed to achieve the desired color in each design.
  • Onyx: black colored stone and is also a type of quartz.
  • Labradorite: gray stone that can have green or blue tones. It is one of the most demanded stones for its elegance.
  • Moonstone: it is the stone that we use the most in our jewelry since, being white, it combines very well and is very popular.
  • Amazonite: This stone has a shade between aquamarine and green.

Discover all rings with stones entering here:


Gold earrings and silver earrings

In addition to working with natural stone jewelry, we also design gold earrings or silver rings with exclusive designs.

This type of jewelry is easier to match and more popular than stones. In the end, for daily use, this type of earrings and rings is usually used more.

We use quality materials without nickel as it is harmful and allergies may appear.


Recommendation to keep the earrings well cared for: Do not wet them, do not clean them with liquids, do not come into contact with alcohol.
To clean them, just use a dry cloth chamois and go over it very gently.

*Important Notice*: We work with 100% natural stones, so the base of the stone may present small differences in shape and color with respect to the main photograph. These small differences are due solely to the nature of the stones.

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