Large or small earrings?

Large or small earrings? Long or short slopes?

Do you have a wedding or an event coming up and are you thinking of buying earrings that match your dress and accessories?

Easy! You are in the right place….

We have over 200 color combinations in our earrings collection. You can find gold and long earrings that are the preferred option for many women when choosing their earrings.

We also have earrings with colored stones, in fact we are specialists in this category. In addition, we work with polished stones so that your earrings are very light and comfortable to wear throughout the event.

As a recommendation, if you wear a low-cut dress it is better not to wear necklaces and if you wear large and striking earrings. If the earrings have movement they will make them look even more. Another option is to choose long and fine earrings for the occasion that will make the face of the face slimmer and aesthetically they are very elegant. For example, we have long earrings with 4 or 5 stones that are the best option for many of our clients. If, on the other hand, your dress is closed up to the neck, we recommend smaller earrings that are attached to the ear. A great option is colored climbing earrings as they are very comfortable and give a modern touch to your outfit. You can also find earrings with a single stone, which can be worn daily after your event, or earrings with 2 or 3 stones with different shapes.

Don't think twice and discover our wide collection of earrings.

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